A critical review of state-of-the-art electrocoagulation technique applied to COD-rich industrial wastewaters

Mousazadeh, Milad and Karamati Niaragh, Elnaz and Usman, Muhammad and Khan, Saif Ullah and Angel Sandoval, Miguel and Al-Qodah, Zakaria and Bin Khalid, Zaied and Gilhotra, Vishakha and Emamjomeh, Mohammad Mehdi (2021) A critical review of state-of-the-art electrocoagulation technique applied to COD-rich industrial wastewaters. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

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Electrocoagulation(EC)isoneoftheemergingtechnologiesingroundwaterandwastewatertreatmentasitcombinesthebenefits of coagulation, sedimentation, flotation, and electrochemical oxidation processes. Extensive research efforts implementing EC technologyhavebeenexecutedoverthelastdecadetotreatchemicaloxygendemand(COD)-richindustrialwastewaterswiththe aim to protect freshwater streams (e.g., rivers, lakes) from pollution. A comprehensive review of the available recent literature utilizingECtotreat wastewater withhighCODlevelsispresented.Inaddition,recommendationsareprovidedforfuturestudies to improve the EC technology and broaden its range of application. This review paper introduces some technologies which are often adopted for industrial wastewater treatment. Then, the EC process is compared with those techniques as a treatment for COD-richwastewater. The EC process is consideredasthe mostprivilegedtechnologybydifferent researchgroupsowingtoits ability to deal with abundant volumes of wastewater. After, the application of EC as a single and combined treatment for CODrichwastewatersisthoroughlyreviewed.Finally,thisreviewattemptstohighlightthepotentialsandlimitationsofEC.Relatedto the EC process in batch operation mode, the best operational conditions are found at 10 V and 60 min of voltage and reaction time, respectively. These last values guarantee high COD removal efficiencies of > 90%. This review also concludes that considerably large operation costs of the EC process appears to be the serious drawback and rendersit asanunfeasibleapproach for handling of COD rich wastewaters. In the end, this review has attempted to highlights the potential and limitation of EC and suggests that vast notably research in the field of continuous flow EC system is essential to introduce this technology as a convincing wastewater technology.

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