بررسی توان تمایزی سلول¬های بنیادی حاصل از خون قاعدگی به کراتینوسیت¬ها با استفاده از محیط¬ تمایزی سه بعدی

fard, maryam and shirazi, reza بررسی توان تمایزی سلول¬های بنیادی حاصل از خون قاعدگی به کراتینوسیت¬ها با استفاده از محیط¬ تمایزی سه بعدی. cell biology international. (Submitted)

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Background & Aim: Human menstrual blood is easily accessible, renewable and inexpensive source of adult stem cells. Altough, there are many reports about MenSCs feasibility for cell therapy of some diseases, differentiation ability of these cells into epithelial lineage especially compared to other stem cell type is not determined. In this study, we evaluated the trandifferentiation capability of MenSCs into keratinocyte-like cells in presence of 3D Differentiating Conditions. Matherial & Methods: Menstural blood samples were collected from 5 healthy female. After isolation and culture, in presence of fibroin silk scaffold, differentiation in epithelial lineage was done. The parallel experiments were carried out to characterize keratinocyte markers such as Cytokeratin 14 (K14), Involucrin (IVL) and p63 using immunofluorescence staining and Real Time-PCR. Results: Based on given analysis, the isolated MenSCs exhibited typical expression of keratinocyte markers at mRNA and protein levels. The immunocytochemistry staining showed that the differentiated MenSCs could express P63, K14 and IVL protein. Moreover, the expression levels of P63, K14 and IVL mRNA significantly up regulated in differentiated MenSCs compared to undifferentiated cells. Conclusion: Our result demonstrated that MenSCs can develop to keratinocytes. The development of the method for efficient differentiation of MensScs into keratinocyte lineage will enable us to access the massive source of epithelial cells for treatment and healing purposes. But the future studies are required to found out applicability of these cells for clinical trial of skin diseases. Keywords: Menstrual blood stem cell, keratinocyte, differentiation

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