Study effect of heat processes on measure nitrite residue in the meat produces

soleimani, mohamad ghasem Study effect of heat processes on measure nitrite residue in the meat produces. The Journal of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. (In Press)

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Background NO is coordinated to the central heme iron N-nitrosamines are potent carcinogens and can be formed from nitrite in the presence of low molecular weight amines. Objective :According to conducted studies amount of nitrite during storage time decreases but due to the lack of studies which investigated effect of cooking heat we decided to investigate change of nitrite in different methods of cooking in this study. Methods: preparation of 90% chicken sausage meat products samples from factory and were transferred in appropriate condition to laboratory, Then quickly after performing three method of cooking: frying, barbecue and microwave in two periods of 5 and 10 minutes at different temperatures amount of nitrite using spectropHotometer was measured and the results were analyzed by SPSS v.16 software. Findings: Amount of residual nitrite in the sausage sample was measured before heating and it was 33.57 ppm. Amount of residual nitrite in the frying method at120 ° c temperatures for 5 minutes Was 26.46ppm, , which there was no significant difference among them. But residual nitrite mean in the other temperatures and cooking times were significantly different, so that in the frying method at 220 ° c temperatures over 5 minutes and 10 minutes amount of residual nitrite were 1.42 ppm and 0.00 ppm, respectively. Conclusion :In the study was revealed that generally as the baking time and temperature increases amount of more residual nitrite decreases in final products. To draw better conclusion should be done further similar studies in different situations so that a variety of products with various characteristics be tested or additives be added during heating and its effect on the residual nitrite amount be measured.

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