Design and implementation of bed management system for Iranian hospitals

Rafat, Mohebbifar and sima, rafiei and behnam, amini (2019) Design and implementation of bed management system for Iranian hospitals. Masters thesis, qazvin university of medical sciences, qazvin , iran.

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Introduction: hospital beds and their proper management are one of the things that can lead to better patient responsiveness and satisfaction. Also, the proper management of the hospital bed facilitates the process of patient circulation in the hospital and, on the other hand, provides useful information to hospital managers (1). Therefore, it is essential to create an effective flat management system. Studies have shown that nurses spend 48% of their time on equipment transfer, acceptance and clearance, documenting, and reporting. The existence of a smart flat management system can save some of this time (2, 3). Due to the high volume of hospitalized services in our country and the lack of a system for managing beds in hospitals, this study aims to design a hospital management system. Materials and Methods: This descriptive-productive (software design) study was carried out in three main phases of the literature review in the area of flat management by systematic review, direct observation and interview with hospital staff involved in the management of beds in pilot hospitals and web site design and soft The software was implemented on the Internet to meet the comprehensive management needs of the hospital beds of the country. Result: In the study of literature and observations, no internet information system was found regarding hospital beds occupancy rate. In none of the hospitals, comparative analyzes for bed occupancy rates are not matched in different seasons and time periods. Bed occupancy records are recorded manually and bed occupancy rates are recorded manually, with a high probability of recording errors and statistics. The comprehensive system designed by us produces accurate statistical analyzes without any errors for each time period and calculates the occupancy rate of the flat from the macro level of the country, province, city, hospital and department. Discussion and Conclusion: According to the results of this study, one of the most important information needed in policy making and the decision to develop hospitals and hospital departments in different management levels is the occupancy rate of beds in hospitals and medical departments. Nowadays, due to manual recording of bed occupancy rates in hospitals and the lack of a comprehensive and online system that can at any given time monitor or analyze the occupancy rates of hospitals and departments, preventing fair distribution And scientific resources for the development of hospitals in the community. Therefore, the comprehensive hospital bed management website at WWW.HBMS.ir generates all information about hospital and departmental traffic in specific time periods and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of existing resources. The best pattern of resource distribution and hospital development. Provides. Keywords: Flat management - Hospital bed management systems - Hospital bed

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